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26 05 2010

I did an interview with The Radio Times to promote Hounded and it looks like this.

I hope you like it 🙂



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26 05 2010

Too small to read Mr H. But good publicity. Do tell, what is Hounded? When is Hounded?

26 05 2010
Rufus Hound

If you click on the pictures, they get bigger, promise.

Will blog about Hounded soon, but for now:


26 05 2010

Yeah – chips or rockets? No brainer really 😉

1 06 2010

Good luck with the new show. Love the Dogtanian reference! I now have the theme tune on loop in my head.

16 06 2010
Sarah Kaiser

Horrible histories is amazing, my girlfriend (native to Brighton) had shown it to me and what ensued was my entire university apartment + the 4 friends we had over huddling around my laptop to watch nearly all of them.

So I suppose it appeals to a pretty broad age range! Though as Americans we’re probably just easily amused.

Either way, I’m looking forward to your show on friday!

4 01 2011
Matt Patton

Thanks to YouTube, I discovered HORRIBLE HISTORIES (just about everything funny I’ve discovered in the last few years is thanks to YouTube, frankly). That is smart, funny stuff. And I’m well over 40 and not a parent. Which meansthat either this show has cross-over appeal or I’m just as immature as everybody says I am.

1 03 2011
Fiona Graham

There’s nothing like howling with laughter on the sofa together…my kids love the Goodies, and old Muppets videos, but there is very little on tv now which genuinely makes us all laugh. Comedy should, first and foremost, be fun to watch – a concept sometimes lost in children’s television. Hounded and I’m Sorry I’ve Got no Head are properly funny – not patronising, not moralising, not educational, just written for laughs. There are now primary school age children going around quoting lines of Hounded to each other like 1980s students reciting the Dead Parrot Sketch (well, they are in my house anyway!). If this is the start of a new wave of kids’ comedy, I’m just glad I have kids the right age to have introduced me to it. Is there going to be another series of Hounded, by the way?

29 04 2011
Roxy Carmichael

Loved the article. I’m a big fan of Hounded too via my three year old.

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