A Confession

2 11 2011

Hello You!

I’m writing this because I want to be very honest with you about something. It’s shocking, but it’s true, so I may as well just come out with it. Brace yourself.

I work for a living.

I’m so sorry to have done that to you. Just to spring it on you like that in a blog post. I didn’t even make you tea, offer you a biscuit, nothing. But there we are – the truth’s out there now, and I hope we can all move on.

Why have I chosen this moment to come out? Well, over the next few weeks, I’m going to be going around the country telling people (who have applied via a facebook app) that Windows 7 is really good, do some demonstrations and hand out some free computers from their ‘Collection‘.

This being the modern world, I’ll be tweeting about it occasionally (it’s called #MyPCMate -which I think is meant to reference Davina McCall’s old show ‘Street Mate’, though I think sounds more like ‘a friend who walks out of Frankie Boyle gigs’ but there we are) and doing videos for them which they’ll no doubt stick about the place.

Not only are they a bloody nice bunch of people, but they’re paying me so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been at their offices all day today and they’ve showed me some cool stuff – XBox live on your phone, ‘Appifying’ webpages (I made that word up, but I’m certain it’ll catch on), a smart thing it does with family photos [link] and heaps of other stuff.

So, if you see me tweeting about it, that’s what it is. They’re giving away some sexy laptops too over on facebook too (here) as well as all the usual marketing stuff that these sorts of things entail.

The point of this blog post however, was that I wanted you to know something. I’m only going to say stuff that I think is true. I last used Windows 2 years ago with my old laptop that had Vista on it. If they’d have asked me to go out and tell people how brilliant Vista was, rest assured, my sofa would have remained occupied. But all the old bullshit I hated about that has gone. They give you free, unobtrusive virus protection, their cloud stuff is brilliant,  and the solid state laptop that I’ve been using today is fast, tiny and, well, good.

Does this mean I’ll be taking anything with an Apple on it and throwing it in the bin? No. It just means that there’s a bunch of brilliant reasons to choose a PC at the minute, and I’m going to tell people what they are.

So, if you want a chance at me giving you a PC Makeover (“in the here’s a free laptop sense, not the “Wipe off that bootpolish, Mr Jolson” sense) it’s here.



4 responses

2 11 2011
Andrew Wilson

I would love a freebie I’m struggling along with a xp model at min and saving for a new laptop as me and the wife have a kid on way in February and love the new tec to record everyminute of the the little lads life. Not to tug on the heart strings but it has been a struggle over 3 years of ivf to get here and the wife keeps spending on the little one quicker than I can save mate so sort us a freebie please : )

2 11 2011

Oooph! Can’t stand Windows. I HAVE to use it for work, but given the choice, I’ll stick with my Mac, thanks. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Still think you’re funny, tho 😉

2 11 2011
emma chadwick

How do I get some free goodies?

2 11 2011
Su Wardrop

I would love you to come and show me the advantages of Windows 7. I currently have an acer netbook with an atom processor and Windows XP and it Is slooooooooooow! A bit like me at the moment as I am recovering from a fractured dislocated ankle. Zimmer frames are us!

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