My #twittermillions deal

7 03 2013


Right, I should tell you, I’m writing this when I’m already late for work, so if it’s looks like it was scrawled by a chimp, I apologise.

I’m writing this to ask you to join #twittermillions team. What’s that? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a thing where you – YES YOU – undertake to raise £50 for Comic Relief, on behalf of a team. Each team is lead by someone bloody gorgeous (i.e. Me) and famous (i.e. Simon Pegg) with each team leader being tasked with ‘sweetening the pot’, in order to get as many people as possible to sign up. Not a bad idea.

So, here’s my deal.

If you join my #twittermillions team here – and if you raise £50 for this most excellent of causes – then, when all the money’s in, I’m going to pick one of my team members at random and give them my motorbike.

I’ll say that again: I am going to give one of my #twittermillions team my Limited Edition Triumph Steve McQueen T100. It’s a bike that the lovely men and women at Triumph (Earth’s greatest motorcycle manufacturer) lovingly crafted to look the same as the bike Steve McQueen rode in The Great Escape.

This is me and it:

Prova PRRufus HoundJack Lilley’s Triumph5th March 2013


So, what I’m offering is pretty straight forward. You raise the money and if it’s your name out of the hat, I will ride the motorcycle to your house and just hand it over. That simple. If you’ve already got a bike license then, you’re golden. If you haven’t, well, you might want to get on that. However, just so you get the idea of how awesome the bike is, I’ll bring a spare helmet and take you for a spin on it. You’ll also need a leather jacket… so I’ll bring you my Steve McQueen King Leather Jacket, that you can keep too.

A couple of things I should tell you.

  • It’s got about 3000 miles on the clock.
  • You can’t buy them anymore.
  • I changed the single seat for a King/Queen seat and stuck foot pegs on it – so it’s good for two. You may want to switch that back, if you want it to look really Steve McQueeny again. I might be able to get hold of the old seat if that’s what you want.
  • It was a limited edition. Only 1500 of these were made for worldwide distribution. Only 101 of them exist in the UK. For bike collectors, the lower numbered bikes are the MOST collectable. This is number 4. Yup. Number 4.
  • The ever brilliant Motorcycle News (MCN) did a double page spread – recreating scenes from The Great Escape – using this actual bike.
  • It’s f***ing awesome.
  • It’s really f***ing awesome.

Prova PR
Rufus Hound
Jack Lilley’s Triumph
5th March 2013


Prova PRRufus HoundJack Lilley’s Triumph5th March 2013


If you want more info on the bike, try here otherwise, I don’t really have very much to say. I think it’s straightforward enough. Raise £50 for Comic Relief as part of my #twittermillions team and I might pop round your house and give you an awesome Triumph motorcycle.


So, let’s do it, yeah?

F****ING YEAH!?!

Sign up HERE NOW

Bike 1







6 responses

7 03 2013
Yvonne Garrigan

You’re absolutely mental and a total legend. I live in Ireland and motorbikes scare the shit out of me but I do appreciate what a fabbo bike yours is. There are grown men I know who would cry like a little girl if they got their hairy mitts on that bike. Will sign up as soon as I’ve thought of something to do to raise the dosh.

7 03 2013

How are you going to get home?

7 03 2013

Will I still be entered if I merely donate 50 myself via the donation button as opposed to raising?

12 03 2013
Jason Lear

Is it too late to start? What’s the time limit? Stay cool x

13 03 2013
Justin Stringfellow

Rufus, I’ve signed up. That bike is mine!

23 05 2013
Rufus Hound gifts Steve McQueen Bonnevile to Antony Rolls |

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