Thursday’s Countdown Poem

22 12 2017

The semi final-list

My dearest Father Christmas

Hope this finds you in good cheer

Welcome to my Christmas list

Has it really been a year?

I should really write more often

I should phone once in a while

Did I ever sent you flowers?

Or commend your sense of style?

Well, from now, I will I promise

I shall really change my tune

Send postcards whilst on holiday

When you’re ill, write ‘Get Well Soon’.

Just say the word old buddy

I’ll pop round with chicken soup

I’ll bring all your favorite albums

Play Bing Crosby on a loop.

I’ll like all your posts on Facebook

I’ll send hampers by the score

I’ll knit you cosy jumpers

I’ll pose naked while you draw

I’ll become a vigilante

I’ll climb trees and rescue cats

I’ll sew loose cagoules for herons

I’ll crochet socks for bats

I’ll negotiate a Brexit

That’s Red and White and Blue

A Middle Eastern Peace Plan?

I’ll negotiate that too!

I’ll get a man to Mars

Deliver pizza that’s still hot

I’ll scoop up all the orphans

That Madonna hasn’t got.

I’ll make chocolate free on Wednesdays

I’ll wear a pretty dress

I’ll find a billion pounds a month

To fund the NHS

I’ll tidy out the shed

I’ll take that rubble to the dump

I’ll teach Kim Jong Un to pole dance

With an oiled-up Donald Trump

I’ll do all these things no question

I swear that’s what I’ll do

If you can find a way to

Make my Christmas wish come true

So, I’m begging you, I’m just a man

And you’re one of my betters

PLEASE! This Christmas can I find

A word that has nine letters!



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