Rufus Hound is some bloke who tells jokes and sometimes goes on the telly. He’s captain of the Blue Team on ‘Argumental’ , Fearne Cotton’s mate on ‘Celebrity Juice’ and once did a dance that people liked enough to vote for on ‘Let’s Dance for Sport Relief”.

This is his blog.

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25 08 2010

Hiya Rufus, sorry for the randomness of this post, but I have had about as much luck as a nun on the angry side of randy king penguin. (not much luck at all to be concise).

I’m desperately looking for champions and awareness on, what seems, an untouchable subject in the UK. Ironic given that it effects thousands of cancer patients, M.S sufferers, AIDS, CFS, and many more.

I wrote a piece for Dr. Lester Grinspoon; Professor Emeritus of Harvard Medical School, he has urged me to seek exposure in the UK, and it is proving a laborious task.

Thank you for allowing me to send it your way, and my apologies for doing so, yours, Jason.

Blogged Article Found At “Mark Reckons” (link to my piece on site)


9 09 2010

your a comeplete bellend, u may aswell count your days until your career is over you sicko

22 07 2011

It really is difficult to argue with such a well constructed, complete and compelling argument as this.

11 10 2010
Rachel Fawcett

Hiya. Have you ever wondered why so many people love you? You did? So you know now its because you are awesome. Simple as that. You are awesome. However, I do have a bone to pick. Ever since you said that last year that when x factor was on you would say Rachel Adedeji’s name out loud and you were backing John Adeleye because it meant you could say his name out loud, I guess for the thrill of it. Now my husband will not stop doing it. Everytime I laugh because I do find it funny but its getting annoying! I hold you responsible for starting him off. I wrote my first ever complaint today (this is my second, I’m on a roll). It was to Burger King because I got a coffee from there and it tasted like toast! Can you believe that! It was the most bizarre coffee I ever had. As you can probably imagine. Keep up the good work. You really are awesome

31 10 2010
Lisa Mackay

Hi Rufus, my name is Lisa and I came to see you tonight (lastnight still aint gone to bed yet) at cafe con leche in Corby. You met my husband outside on you way in and let him have his pitcure taken with you and his mate, I was so jealous. I had hoped to get to say hello to you and tell you how brilliant I think you are before you went. However, you decided to leave abruptly due to the hostility you recieved and im really sorry for this. I am a house wife and very raley go out, but as enjoy watching everything you do on the tv, so striaght away I got my husband (who fixes and maintains the fridges a cafe con leche) to get some tickets to come and see you when he heard you where comming to town. I couldn’t believe some of the rudness from some of the people there tonight and I am embarrsed. I just hope you don’t think that we are all like imature twats. Thanks again for comming to Corby.
All the best Lisa P.S I appologise for an bad grammer or spelling mistakes I’ve had a few glasses of wine

23 02 2011

Hi, I’m a bit new to twitter but did i understand you are setting up a new business? if so then i can help as I’m a business advisor that provides business support for free (funded centrally), so i could be useful for you? le me know if i can help, huw

27 04 2011

My name is Robert Mugabe and I have a spare $999 trillion in a suitcase in my basement. If you want it, I’ll send it to you, but only if you first pay me $500 for the shipping costs. I accept Mastercard, Visa, and Amex. Please fax proof of payment to +27 11 419-SCAM.

10 07 2011
Bob AndJim

Which duck pond is that?

11 11 2011

The fucking thanks you get.

25 02 2012

Hi Rufus! I sent and email to your agent to make and email interview with you from Argentina. Only are 5 questions.
And I want do it.
Do it.

I need an answer, well five really.

2 08 2012
Claire Hanchard

Is the Ann widdecombe sex tape a free giveaway with your DVD?

22 08 2012
Kullus De Quertyman (@baggy_beasts)

Also, I had a dog called Rufus.

19 10 2012

Hi Rufus,

I run a company called Simply The Best Man, the distributers of “The Wedding Video” are running a competition via our sites to give away 10 copies of the DVD when it launches in December.

We’re running the competition across all our sites (Both in the UK & US) and I was wondering if we could get your Top 5 Best Man Tips to run as a blog feature to help the comp and just as an interesting article.

Bit of a long shot this I know but nothing ventured and all that.

Kind regards,


26 01 2014

How can people become involved in supporting your attempt to become an MEP to highlight the challenges to the NHS?

26 01 2014

PS Thank you for taking up the challenge!

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